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3 Dimensional (3D) Echocardiography


The Gold Coast Heart Centre has purchased state-of- the-art and most advanced Echo ultrasound equipments capable of performing 3 Dimensional echocardiography

3D transthoracic echocardiography is a new technology which has emerged as a powerful and ready-to-use clinical tool in cardiology practice.  The Whole Heart can now be acquired as a Single 3 Dimensional Echo image over several heart beats!!  It is similar to watching a 3D movie of your Heart in real-time. New innovative 3D technology offers superior image quality and improved accuracy in the assessment of cardiac volumes, cardiac function, and Valvular function.  The ability to slice the virtual heart in infinite planes in an anatomically appropriate manner and to reconstruct 3-dimensional images of anatomic structures make 3D echocardiography unique for the understanding of cardiac anatomy. In certain specific situations, 3D echo has been proven to improve diagnostic accuracy and assist in clinical decision making.


3d3D Transoesophageal echocardiography (3D TOE) is also available and can be performed by cardiologists at the Gold Coast Heart Centre.

Not all patients will benefit from 3D Echo. If the cardiologist decides that there is a clinical indication for 3D echo, the 3D pictures will then be acquired at the end of a normal echocardiogram and will only take a couple of extra minutes. There is no special preparation for the patient.  

3D echocardiography is available at the Gold Coast Heart Centre at no extra costs to the patient as adjunct to routine echocardiography.


Information on how this test is performed and any preparation required is contained on the "Echocardiogram" Information Sheet in this section.