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Hospital Admission


What do I need to do to arrange admission to hospital?

When your cardiologist decides you need to be admitted for a procedure, he will arrange (with his secretary) for all the necessary paperwork to be forwarded to the relevant departments to book the actual procedure.

However, YOU will need to complete a Hospital Pre-Admission/Admission Form and return it to the hospital BEFORE the day of your procedure.  This form will generally be provided to you at the time you see the Doctor, or will be sent to you by our practice.  If you have not received one of these forms, please contact the relevant hospital.

Examples of the information contained or to be completed in the pre-admission forms are as following:

  1. Patient Personal Details
  2. Medicare & Health Fund details
  3. Privacy Information
  4. Doctor’s Referral Form (this will be completed by your cardiologist)
  5. Consent for Treatment
  6. Patient Medical History
  7. Patient Medications
  8. General admission information

Should you have any queries when completing the form you should telephone the Patient Services Department at the relevant hospital, NOT your Cardiologist.

What do I need to do on the day of my procedure?

At the time of booking your procedure, your Doctor’s secretary will discuss with you, all the preparation required for your procedure.  Generally, you should:

  1. Arrive at the hospital approximately 1 hour prior to the procedure time;
  2. For morning procedures – not have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before;
  3. For afternoon procedures – not have anything to eat or drink after 6am;
  4. Speak to your Doctor regarding whether to take your medications or not;
  5. Arrange for someone to drive you home (day procedures).

You should also bring the following with you to hospital:

  1. All current medications;
  2. An overnight bag in case you need to stay overnight (or longer);
  3. Any relevant x-rays;
  4. Your Medicare, Pension, Pharmaceutical benefits and Health Fund Membership cards (if applicable)

What happens when I arrive at hospital?

You need to present to the admissions desk at the hospital.  From there you will be taken to either the day procedure area or ward. You will be admitted by a member of the nursing staff and prepared for the procedure.   A consent form for the procedure will need to be signed if not already done.


What happens after my procedure?

Your cardiologist will normally discuss the results of the procedure immediately after it is completed, or you may be transferred to the ward and your cardiologist will see you there to discuss the results. Any further instructions will be given to you at that time.  An appointment for follow up will be made on discharge if required.
Should you have any further questions in relation to your hospital admission, you should phone the Patient Services Department of the relevant hospital.  Phone numbers and links to the hospital websites can be found on the "Links" page of our website.