Consultantion Appointments




All our Cardiologists consult weekly at a variety of locations.


When you first visit one of our cardiologists for a consultation, an initial consultation will be booked.  This appointment will be for a period of 30 minutes.  All subsequent appointments are booked for 15 minutes.  If you feel you may require more time, please advise the receptionist when making your booking.


If you have not attended our practice before or you haven’t attended in the last year, please complete our Patient Information Form and bring it, together with your referral, to your appointment.  This document can be found downloaded from our "Forms" page.


Appointment Delays

Appointments are usually booked at 15 or 30 minute intervals. 

We do endeavour to keep to schedule, however as we are in a hospital environment our Doctors may occasionally be called to an emergency.  Your understanding and patience should this occur, will be greatly appreciated.  If you wish, you are welcome to phone the practice before your appointment to check whether your doctor is running on time. As a courtesy to you, if the Doctor is running significantly behind or if he has been called away to an emergency, we will endeavour to contact you to let you know the expected waiting time, or to allow you to rebook your appointment should you wish.

We also ask that should more than one family member need to see the cardiologist, please book an individual appointment for each. This will help the Doctor avoid delays for other patients as well as give each patient the time they require.


Appointment Confirmation

One of our administration staff will contact you to confirm your appointment at least 2 days prior, however should you have not heard from us, we recommend you telephone us to confirm you will be attending.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please telephone us at least 24 hours prior to the appointment date, so that the booking time may be filled.



A referral from another Doctor MUST be provided when attending a specialist.  This can be in two forms, by either a letter from your GP/Specialist or on one of our printed referral forms.  Please ensure you obtain a referral for your consultation and bring it with you on the day of your appointment.  A referral is needed to inform your Cardiologist of your clinical history (ie. the reason you are attending our practice) and to allow you to claim a portion of the Doctor’s fee from Medicare. 

PLEASE NOTE:  A referral from a GP will be current for 12 months and a referral from another specialist will be current for 3 months. 

If you are a current patient, you will be advised at the time of making your appointment, whether your referral has expired and a new one is required.


Consultation Fees

At the Gold Coast Heart Centre we aim to ensure all patients are advised of any and all costs likely to be incurred for consultation and medical procedures.   All of our Cardiologists have individual fee structures of which you will be advised of at the time of booking an appointment.

We require payment in full on the day you attend the practice, for all consultations.  You are then able to claim your Medicare rebate which is 85% of the fee charged to you.  The fees that Medicare pay are devised by the Australian Government and reviewed annually.

We accept all forms of payment except Amex and Diners Club.


Test Results

Generally, you will be required to make a follow up appointment for any results, should your Doctor order any tests to be done.  Occasionally your cardiologist may be happy for you to phone for the results, however this is at the Doctor’s discretion.


After Hours Medical Care

Our Doctors consult at various times between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

For emergency care after hours, especially if you experience chest pain, please call 000 or attend your nearest Emergency Department.