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Stress Echocardiogram


A Stress Echocardiogram is a specialised test that is used to evaluate heart function by combining an Exercise Stress Test with an ultrasound of the heart (Echocardiogram).  A Stress Echocardiogram uses ultrasound waves to produce images of the heart before and immediately following exercise.  The images obtained at rest are then compared with the images obtained after exercise to evaluate how the heart responds to exercise.
Your doctor uses the Stress Echocardiogram to:

    • Evaluate causes for chest pains and shortness of breath
    • Evaluate effectiveness of stents/bypass surgery
    • Determine how well your heart tolerates activity
    • Evaluate the function of the heart and valves
    • Determine the likelihood of having coronary artery disease (blocked arteries)
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of your cardiac treatment plan

A Cardiologist will be in attendance during the test and will compare the images of your heart at rest with the images of your heart after exercise.  He will then advise you of the results.  A written report of the results of your test will be sent to your referring doctor for discussion. 


For detailed information please see our Patient Information Sheets.