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Performing and Reporting Tests


Who will perform the test?


Qualified cardiac Sonographers will perform your stress echocardiogram.  All our Sonographers are accredited with the Australasian Sonographers Accreditation Registry, having completed a Bachelors degree in Science (Biomedical or Exercise Science), followed by a post-graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (specialising in Cardiac).  The post-graduate Diploma is attained over a minimum of two years and requires the Sonographer to be working full time within a cardiology practice/department, where they must complete a minimum of 1000 echocardiograms.

Cardiac Scientists/Technicians will perform tests including ECGs, Holter Monitors, Blood Pressure Monitors, Event Monitors, Tilt Table Tests and Exercise Stress Tests.  These technicians have a Bachelors degree in Science (Biomedical or Exercise Science).

A Doctor will also be present during Exercise Stress Tests, Stress Echocardiograms and Tilt Table Tests.


Who will report on the test?


A Cardiologist will review all images and tracings from the test and compose a formal report, which will be sent to your referring Doctor and/or General Practitioner.