Consultantion Appointments


Your Rights & Responsibilities


As a patient of the Gold Coast Heart Centre you have a right:

    • To be treated with respect, dignity, care, consideration, and understanding
    • To clear and concise explanation of your condition, illness, and any treatment or recommended procedures by your Cardiologist
    • To privacy and confidentiality of your medical history and personal information
    • To receive an explanation of any possible costs that may be incurred by you as a result of your treatment
    • To have a family member or nominated person present when you receive information about your condition
    • To refuse treatment at any time
    • To express an opinion or make reasonable verbal or written complaints if you are unhappy with your treatment at any time

As a patient of the Gold Coast Heart Centre you have a responsibility:

    • To provide accurate and complete information regarding your personal and health details including current symptoms and treatments, medications and past illnesses
    • To ensure you are well informed and understand your condition and proposed treatment, before giving consent to any procedure
    • To ask for more information
    • To adhere to the recommendations of your Cardiologist
    • To inform your Cardiologist if you are having any problems or reactions to the treatment prescribed
    • To provide a current list of medications when you attend the practice for a consultation or procedure
    • To provide a referral from your GP when required
    • To notify the practice if you are unable to attend your appointment